Downtown East Lansing Courtesy Google Maps


WILX TV 10 reports that last night the East Lansing City Council voted in favor of cutting its upcoming fiscal year budget in an attempt to reckon a lack of funding for retirees. That's a SIGNIFICANT lack of funding, to the tune of about $190 million in the not-so-distant future.


That will result in five East Lansing police officer jobs getting cut and the elimination of four fire/EMS jobs. Another six full or part-time city positions will also be slashed from the payroll.

The East Lansing City Council has also voted in favor of putting a measure on the November ballot that would create a city income tax.


East Lansing is not the only municipality in the land that's facing a shortfall to fulfill the promise to past, present and future retirees, as it's an issue with 110 of Michigan's 490 local governmental departments, including Lansing, St. Johns, Grand Ledge and more in the region. See the full list here at for all in danger of not delivering on the pension promise.

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