The Lansing State Journal reports that 38 year old John K. Addis of Lansing was doing some research for client when he learned that Eaton Rapids (his mother's hometown) had some of the highest-end hotels in Michigan for travelers around the world who came for the health benefits of its magnetic and mineral baths.

Addis says that around that same time, he had a nightmare about uncovering an underground hotel and being chased through it by a monster. From that, the novel The Eaton was born. And it's getting great reviews!

“The Eaton is the best kind of horror,” writes Bill Mackela in his five-star review on Bill’s Book Reviews.“This book is so well plotted, and the characters feel so real, that you will be as terrorized as they are.You will have to keep reading to see what happens next, even if you are afraid to find out.”

British author Catherine Rose Putsche called The Eaton “fast paced, macabre and full of gritty atmospheric settings, along with a relentlessly chilling plot from an author who’s mastered the genre.”

The Eaton tells the story of Sam Spicer, who purchases the dilapidated Michigan Central Railroad Depot in Eaton Rapids with the dream of opening a hot new martini bar. But when he and his friends discover an abandoned underground hotel directly beneath the property, they must discover what happened to the original guests—before their own time runs out.

Some of you may have read Addis' daily comic strip Studentangle, which ran in Michigan State University’s The State News, to writing and directing the feature length micro-budget film Bells of Beaumont Tower (Addis played the bad guy in the film).

Addis says about his focus, "I try to tell stories that are in Michigan, especially mid-Michigan, that are not being told right now," he said. "Very few television shows and contemporary novels take place in Michigan."