Who doesn't love a good parade? How about a hearse parade? One is happening in Hell, Michigan this weekend at HELLFEST!!! Click here for all the details. 

Dine out in the Casketeria! Watch as they try to set the Guinness WORLD RECORD for longest parade of hearses.

"We're hopeful we can break it again. A couple of funeral homes will come out, but most won't because they think we're a bunch of — well, we are weird people." Just Hearse 'N Around club co-founder Frank Hendeen said. Other club members include firefighters, lawyers and a magistrate from an unnamed Michigan county.

Other activities on tap are adult and children's costume contests, go-karts made out of caskets and a pinewood derby. The group, which Hendeen calls a family, emphasizes a family-friendly atmosphere, despite creepy connotations.

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