Recently I was having dinner with a friend at a lovely restaurant in Greater Lansing when about half way through my salad I bit down on something that was really hard.  At first I thought: Walnut? Walnut shell? Olive pit? After I impolitely removed it from my mouth to give it a look, I decided it wasn't a petrified bug (which was my first concern), but simply about a one inch piece of tree-branch.  My friend said the look on my face was quite hilarious.

I didn't want to make a big deal out of it because mistakes happen and there are much worse things to find in your salad than a chunk of stick.  She was the one who actually pointed it out to the waiter, since she's a regular at the restaurant.  They were VERY apologetic and gave us a free dessert!

Confession:  though this goes against my germaphobe tendencies, I finished my salad, because it was good.  I was pretty certain that wouldn't be what killed me.

What have you been served before at a restaurant that wasn't 'as described' on the menu?