It's no secret that when the pandemic started that many people made more on unemployment than the salary they were making with the extra $600 a week. That was great because it kept most of us going.  I was laid off from my job in Detroit for 4 months and it kept me afloat. I am sure the extra 300 a week folks have been getting now is a big help. Now with many businesses starving for workers, especially bars and restaurants, It may be coming to an end.

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When Will It End?

Here is the latest, Republican lawmakers recently voted to stop the $300 weekly federal supplement that folks have been getting in Michigan, some say it may get vetoed when it gets to Gov. Gretchen Whitmer according to

Right now the state benefit is $362 a week, some are saying the extra 300 a week is keeping people from going back to work.  As of now, it is supposed to end on Sept 4th.

You cannot expand a healthy return to normalcy without workers returning to their jobs," state Rep. Bronna Kahle, R-Adrian, said last week when the House first took up the measure. "It is time for our state to implement this plan that expands opportunities for families by getting them back to work and providing for their loved ones.


Let's Get Back To Work

We are all for folks going back to work, as well as getting back to full normalcy, but it should be a livable wage, have good health insurance, and child care is also a big perk for working moms. All of that sure would help people get back to work.

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