General Motors is recruiting technical job workers at a crazy rate, with a total of 8,000 job positions open with a huge variety of open positions. I officially don't wanna hear anyone complaining about being broke

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The Detroit automaker is looking for software, computer, mechanical and electrical engineers, as well as battery engineers, cyber security experts and others.


GM said in a statement Wednesday that it's expanding teams that develop vehicle software, engineer hydrogen fuel cells for non-automotive uses, and develop new battery designs.

This is a big sign of what's to come for the auto industry. EV's (Electrical Vehicles) are here to stay thanks to the huge efforts of a certain famous billionaire. Thanks to him every car industry is on edge due to the massive amount of units that Tesla Motors moves out on a yearly rate. According to Tesla delivered just over 936,000 units last year, compared to Ford's 1,900,000 units. That's half of Ford's revenue, and you better believe their thinking like that because they do NOT like Tesla Motors. If you didn't know, Ford and Tesla are super beefed out like a rival gang. Check that out here.

Ford is shaping its company to directly tap into that yearly EV revenue and more importantly, take money outta Tesla's mouth. And if you don't think that Ford would completely redesign their whole vehicle line-up just to compete, then you've never seen Ford Vs. Ferarri. Ford went as far as taking their money-making flagship the F-150 and made it electric.   This year is probably gonna be the biggest year for EV's so far. And  Ford is hiring the necessary work to get it done.


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