I kind of feel like a liar on Thursday. When we are not doing three piece Thursday, we offer up Thirsty Thursday and play the best drinkin' music Classic Rock has to offer. In October, I will celebrate my second full year of not drinking booze. The word sobriety is thrown around but I feel safer saying I have not had a drink of alcohol in almost 2 years. It's because I always end up like that guy in the picture. Always falling and bruised the next day. I just can't handle my booze.

So, today we broke Thirsty Thursday up in types of booze.

We featured Tequila at 6am. Tequila Sunrise from the Eagles and Mas Tequila by Sammy Hagar.

Beer at 7 featured Beer Drinkers and Hell Raisers by ZZ Top and George Thorogood with One Bourbon, One Scotch and One Beer.

Whiskey at 8 features the Doors with Alabama Song and Pat Travers with Snortin' Whiskey and Dinking Cocaine.


Wine at 9 features Elderberry Wine by Elton John and Spill the Wine by Eric Burden and War.

Snortin' Whiskey is one of my favorite drinking songs. Classic Rock has some great ones.

Some of the artists are a bit touchy about them. I once asked George Thorogood when he was going to write his next great drinking anthem and he was insulted. I didn't mean to typecast him but drinking songs have put a lot of money on the Thorogood table.

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