Seriously, are you loving that featured picture or what? I mean, they didn't have a mugshot of the fella. Not that I would have used it anyway. Just another reason I am going straight to Hell. Robbery is not funny no matter how I imagine this in my head.

A 70 year-old northern Michigan man is on trial for robbing some small town banks up north and calling in fake emergencies elsewhere to distract police. The Feds say William Minore called in a fake school shooting and robbed 3 small town banks.

The feds seized a World War II era grenade they allege he used to rob some of the banks. Also, he put a note on the door of the bank saying it was closed, while he robbed it. The handwriting matched his. His family also confirmed it was his voice on 911 recordings.

Empire and Lake Ann banks were hit. If ever travel up north like we do, we are very familiar with these locations.

Minore says he is being set up and is a patsy. Click here to read more.

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