Have you ever gone tubing down a Michigan river? It's pretty awesome. Especially after a few adult pops. Before we had our kid, my wife and I went on a family tubing/drunk getaway every year. I would get so lit, I would always pass out by 8pm. After a long day of drinking and 4 hours drinking on the river... Things get kinda crazy. I always said "I wonder what it's like to live on THIS river. The river I have done the most drinking on is the Au Sable. That is one of the 3 Michigan rivers where  FEDERAL authorities are trying to CURB the drinking. They floated a ban but that quickly sunk... Click here for the full story. 

Now, this is not the family vacation where I drank too much and got alcohol poisoning.

I can still hear that little boy: "Look mom, there is the man who was throwing up all night."

Feds will be watching the Au Sable, Manistee and Pine rivers this year... Don't say you weren't warned.


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