The footage is unlisted on YouTube.

There are tons of cool videos and pictures of the Blue Angels flyover from Chicago to Detroit earlier this week, including this one from a skyscraper in the Windy City.

Cool pic, huh? Up close and personal from the safety of an office building. That pic was from downtown Chicago and this cool pic was from the Detroit flyover.

Moss Photography via YouTube
Moss Photography via YouTube

Except that picture wasn't taken from Renaissance Center downtown - it was taken from a personal drone that was flying way, wayyyyyy too close to the Blue Angels.

In fact, whoever took the video from the drone uploaded it to YouTube and, when the FAA started asking questions, the user deleted it...but not before somebody else downloaded it and uploaded it to their channel.

This is the video that was taken by the drone; it's currently unlisted and you can only see it if you have the link. NOTE: This is NOT Moss Photography's video, so chill out on the threats.

You can clearly see that the drone was flying within restricted airspace. It can be pointed out that the shots and angles are absolutely amazing, but still very dangerous.
According to, the original video is credited to @GIOLUCIA. Said social media accounts under this moniker are registered to a Giovanni Lucia. It's not clear if Giovanni is responsible for the drone, but there are other videos on his social media accounts from Detroit.

The Federal Aviation Administration and the Blue Angels are aware of the video and are investigating.

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