I am not surprised to see Hunter Rison on the move once again. It's kind of sad story of a kid getting some terrible advice BUT we will see how it all pans out. So far, it isn't looking good.

Hunter's dad Andre Rison, known as "Bad Moon" had a reputation follow him and his kid is carving out a similar path... Other than the success in college football.

Hunter Rison started his college career at MSU, had a MONSTER game against Michigan and a decent freshmen season. Then, his dad said he was transferring to Kansas State because he wasn't playing enough.

The Kansas State head coach Bill Snyder retired and K-State got a new coach, Chris Klieman in December.

After being suspended in April after he was arrested for domestic battery, Hunter has decided to transfer to Fullerton Community College in California. They, had to vacate the 2017 title for playing ineligible players.


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