Twice a year the Michigan DNR allows michigan anglers and would be anglers, to participate without a license.

The winter version of the "Free Fishing Weekend" will take place this Saturday and Sunday on all Michigan waters. Catch and size limits along with all standard regulations will be in effect.

With the weather cooperating and many of the inland lakes having ample ice to get out on, it appears this will be the best time for this event that we have had in quite a long time.

Please remember a few safety tips before you go out.

1) Never go out alone. Always take a friend or at least let someone know where you will be.

2) Keep safety equipment with you. Ice picks, boot grips and even a PFD (personal flotation device) can be handy tools, should you go through thin ice.

3) Test ices thickness as you go. Have an ice spud or test drill holes as you go to ensure safe thickness of the ice you are on.

4) If you're fishing a new body of water, never be afraid to ask the local store or bait shop owner for tips on what is biting where and on what bait. Local residents may not always share the intel you need but the shop owner likes repeat business. And good information means more return trips to his/her shop.

5) Know the size and catch limits for your body of water. Some lakes, rivers, etc, have different catch limits and size limits for the species of fish that they hold. Pleading ignorant won't always get you out of trouble.

Have fun and be safe! For more info, visit the MI DNR Website!

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