A little National Donut Day History...

National Donut Day began in 1938 to celebrate the Salvation Army's “Donut Girls” or “Donut Lassies” in WWI, who distributed donuts to the troops to help raise morale. We all know that a donut can be a great pick-me-up! These brave Americans posted up at or near the front lines, often serving donuts and coffee in the trenches, frying donuts in soldier’s helmets.

My FAVORITE places to get donuts in Lansing:

#1 Bake N Cakes South. These donuts have some crunch! They are on MLK and make offer a wide range of donut options.

#2 Groovy Donuts in Williamston or East Lansing. Andrew has been a Classic Rock head since they started and he is offering:

No photo description available.

The Bear Claw from Groovy is the best donut in the area... If there are any left :)

#3 Good Old Quality Dairy. My buddy Jeff manages the QD on Jolly. He is a huge Classic Rock fan and I am equally a fan of his donuts.

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