I wouldn't plan a trip to Camp Crystal Lake but Friday the 13th hasn't been such a slaughter for Michigan Lottery players, that is according to the Michigan Lottery. If your name is Jason, you already have a lot of fun on this day. There is a 55 million dollar JACKPOT! up for grabs on this Friday the 13th. Click here to see the full story. 

If you are a hermit like me and HATE leaving the house, you can get your tickets online at michiganlottery.com. Last year, on October 13th, 2017 a Waterford resident split a 42 million dollar JACKPOT! with some crab cake eater from Rhode Island. Can you imagine hearing that terrible accent celebration? Blech!

I don't think I would come in to work the next day if I won. I may take some time off to consider my new career path and "life direction."

Listen up on Tuesday's for your chance to score scratchers from the Michigan Lottery with "TICKET WINDOW TUESDAY!!!"

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