In my little slice of paradise, I'm surrounded by very tall, mature hardwoods. Oaks, maples, hickory and other majestic trees surround the area of Wilcox Road in Holt.

In the fall, we are treated with a colorful canopy of leaves that are getting ready to fall, wreaking havoc on the residents and their lawn mowers and leaf blowers. Deluged in a flood of foliage that piles up and would test the patients of Job himself.

With habitat comes critters. And lots of them! Squirrels of every shape, size and color. Fox, grey, black and red squirrels, are everywhere! Running amok and invading bird feeders. The little acrobats literally leaping upwards of six feet to attach themselves to my screen and sift through the birdfeeder indiscriminately. Throwing seed to the ground for the birds and other lazy squirrels to feast upon.

It's not so much that I mind feeding squirrels. It's the fact that the make horrendous noise as they scurry around the window screen and make it sound as someone is trying to break in. And since I'm a firm believer in Castle Doctrine, squirrel or otherwise, I would advise against such activity.

Fortunately, we have September 15th approaching rather rapidly. The opportunity to enjoy the trails, woods and waters of Michigan and partake in the privilege of small game hunting. And since squirrel makes for tasty table fare, I might just let them fatten themselves.up!

Get more information about Michigan's Small Game Season here:

Going "Nuts" In Holt
Going "Nuts" In Holt

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