As a young boy in the 70's, I don't think my friends and I ever missed an opportunity to blow something up. As long as it was with the Black Cat fire-cracker's we had from Independence Day a year before or some baby bottle rockets we bought at the Vet's Hardware on the north side of Lansing. Anything bigger than that was left to our parents.

For some reason it seems, that the need to hear loud explosions or even create them, never leaves some people in their adult life. Thank goodness for Tannerite and

Fortunately for them (and maybe even me), such a place exists. Head south to Uvalde, Texas and you could be just like Brad Pitt in the movie Fury!

Of course, everything has it's price. According to ABC, Tony DiGidio, a former police officer and Green Beret, has started his own company that allows you to purchase time shooting vintage tanks from 3 different countries including a 1944 Sherman as seen in the movie FURY. And if tanks aren't your thing, then try your hand at big guns or even machine guns! Just a few bucks and a trip to the Lone Star State and you can have the time of your life. GOD BLESS AMERICA!

Check it out and book your own tank time at

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