I have to admit, I thought of Nick Chase. Nick is a die hard Michigan fan and when he was younger, was known to shed tears after a Michigan loss. That is why he tries not to watch in public.

Last night, Northwestern got SCREWED on an obvious goal-tend (CHEATING) that wasn't called. Northwestern's coach Chris Collins, son of former Pistons coach Doug Collins, was assessed a technical foul as he pleaded his case.

It's like the oldest goal tend in the book and they missed it. After the free throws, the game was out of hand. Now, there SHOULD BE A REVIEW of such a critical play before the technical was assessed but life isn't fair. It ended Northwestern's historical season. They just made the tournament for the first time in school history.

One fan, a little boy became the center of attention when he was crying on national television. I feel your pain kid... So does Nick Chase. Nick wasn't crying today though... Michigan advances to the Sweet 16.

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