Seriously. I thought we would have flying cars by now. I feel mislead by movies.

General Motors announced last week by the year 2035 they will only offer electric vehicles. They intend to become carbon neutral by 2040. Click here to see the story. 

If GM wants to compete globally where they sell 2/3 of their vehicles, they need to go all electric. Even here in the good ol' fossil fuel burning USA, California and Massachusetts will be going electric by 2035. They believe other states are going to follow the lead.

We will soon see the end of production of the internal combustion engine. They machine that drove America to be THE Super Power of the World.

Of course, these rides will live on in auto shows but the smell of burning fuels, the growls of those engines, will be fewer and far between. Seriously, America hasn't made a good muscle car in years or a car you could easily work on in your yard, so we seen this coming.

Classic Rock has ALWAYS incorporated fast cars into their videos and songs. Here are some of the best videos and songs about cars.

Rush with a song about a futuristic car... NOT ELECTRIC a Red Barchetta.

Sammy Hagar in some foreign deal. The Ferrari 512BB

ZZ Top featuring the '33 Ford Coupe.

Remember Tawny Kitaen crawling all over whatever the hell cars there were?

One of my favorite videos featuring a combustion engine is Audioslave... I know they aren't Classic Rock but this video and song are Classic to me... The car, a 1970 Dodge Challenger is my all-time favorite and still turns my head when she rolls by.

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