Thursday, we were out driving around. My wife was in the car behind me. I noticed her headlight was out. During a drunk driving enforcement weekend, this isn't the time to have a light out.

So, as soon as we return home, I decided to hop into action. Head to Fowlerville to see my buddy Steve Hanna at Grampy's Auto Sales. He is seemingly always open. Sure enough, Steve was behind the counter looking just like he does in the picture for this story.

"What can I do you for Mr. Pants?" But he used my real last name.

I said, "the ol' lady's head light is out."

I don't know where the bulbs are and handed my old one to him. Normally, you have to look this stuff up but Steve knows his bulbs. He quickly grabbed the bulb and charged me a cheaper price than was advertised on the bulb price sign.

I get outside and I quickly realize, I have never changed these bulbs before in this car. Grampy sees me out there struggling and walks out "get 'er figured out?"

Of course, I didn't. He took over and had it done in minutes. It may have taken me an hour?

Then, I went home and absorbed all the credit. Looked like a caring husband and good father.

Customer service and good people are still out there.

This isn't the first time I have had a good experience at Grampy's. Click here to read the other one.

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