When the water coming out of the tap looks more like weak coffee (it's BROWN people), you're gonna have some questions.

Picture this. You go to school at MSU. You turn on the water in your dorm. The water coming out of the faucet looks like this. Brown. Dirty. Muddy. Discolored. What do you do?

You let the university know. You call somebody.

Their response?

It's completely safe to use. (WILX)

How you feeling about that?

Students are understandably concerned.

Word from the university is,

"Unfortunately, this week there was a piece of machinery conditioner that broke and needed to be repaired so when it was drained and refilled it stirred up some sediment in the water system and that resulted in unfortunately in some red water going to some residents," (WILX)

The university is aware and is working on the problem.

  • MSU is working to solve their water issues with a new 2 million gallon water tower that was put up this summer.
  • They plan on having the system up and running towards the beginning of 2020.
  • The new water system will filter out iron and other minerals. But it might take one to two years before it is in full effect.

Until then, the university says there are more than 100 filtered bottle stations for students and faculty to use.

Are you a student that's encountered this problem? Do these answers and solutions solve the problem for now? Bottled water is cool, but how about the showers?

When you think about how much tuition is for a Big Ten school and you are getting water like this, do you feel you're getting your money's worth?

Bet you JUST CAN'T WAIT to move off campus now huh?

(Source credit, photo, and quotes WILX)

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