It was a year ago today Mrs. Pants and I made our pregnancy announcement video. Some people called it "obscene." It's what we were looking for.

When we made the video, we knew it was highly likely our daughter would be born with Down Syndrome. We had waited almost 22 years to get pregnant. Pretty much everyone we told we were knocked up in the beginning began to cry. We appreciate the love but wanted to celebrate it and have fun with it.

Our daughter was born in November and we were lucky enough to be allowed to stay at the Ronald McDonald House of Mid Michigan while she was in the RNICU. Click here to see the full story. 

On Monday at Hawk Hollow, they will hold the fundraiser "GOLF FOR THE HOUSE." Mrs. Pants, baby Nugget and I will be there sharing our story and thanking people for their support.

It'll cost 200 bucks per golfer but supports a great cause. Only 50 bucks for the dinner.

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