When I first started here at WMMQ in 2002 as an intern, one of the first guys I met was Jeff Johnson. Jeff has been so loyal to WMMQ and built his family business, Bake N' Cakes into an empire. Now, they have 2 locations. One on Kalamazoo and one on South MLK.

A few years ago, Wally Londo was our Program Director. Wally would always want to have a staff lunch and we would always go to Los Gringos on MLK. Lester would cook us up some delicious authentic Mexican food and we would go back and fart our way through the afternoon. After Wally left for a while, Gringos went away.

Last year, Bake N' Cakes South moved in. I drove by the other day to capture some pics and sell some donuts. Butter REALLY makes it better.

Bake N' Cakes South

See that last picture? Don't go dumpster donut diving anymore, self! Watch for the Green light on MLK. That means fresh donuts!

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