I am still so pissed at Taco Bell for getting rid of the delicious Cool Ranch Doritos Locos Taco... It's a hurt I may never recover from. Now, I will have to find something else that will make me RUN to the bathroom minutes after digesting it.

Blam! Doritos 3D are rumored to be making a comeback. Just when you needed something to live for. These chips, like every freakin' thing nowadays will be spicy. Click here to see the full story with licensed pictures. 

I guess theys originally came out in 1998 and were discontinued a few years later.  Like most things from the late 90's and early 2000's, I don't remember the chips. I do love puffy things though. My FAVORITE is when pizza has big bubbles on the crust.

For decades, Doritos have been the go to for stoners everywhere when the munchies kick in. Now, a new generation will get a taste of the sweet candy, fresh from the Devil's hand or stores near you on January 18th.

Food in mouth hole experts compare them to Bugles which I don't hate but don't really love either. Again, never turned down a good Bugle in a midnight munch. I am sure the Doritos 3D would get eaten at my house but WHY DOES EVERTHING HAVE TO BE SPICY?

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