I wonder how many times he gets called Ben Stiller?
I am NOT ripping on Insurance people here but when I heard Ben Stiffler was going to start his own agency, I was like... "Aren't you too good of a person to do that?"

But Farm Bureau Insurance is LUCKY to have Ben Stiffler. He is one of the most genuine and true souls I have ever met. Truly, a GREAT person. He isn't paying me for this. I like to give the Good People love and small business owners some much needed publicity.

Ben and I played football together at Webberville. He was a guy you wanted on your team. I was the QB for 3 years. My senior year, he took my practice jersey and framed it for me. He made the frame himself in shop or woodworking. I still have that frame, jersey and still treasure that friendship all these years later. That is the kind of personal touch Ben is bringing to his new gig. If you are looking for a Good Person to get insurance from... You got him.

Here is the crew at your neighborhood Farm Bureau Insurance Agent covering almost the entire state of Michigan.

from the Pants Stash
from the Pants Stash. From left: Tim Stiffler, Sam Boyd, Thomas Lynch, Ben Stiffler, Stephanie Kelley, Tracy McClain and Brad Van Sickler


Ben works with his brother Tim. These are some great guys to have in your corner.

From the Pants stash