Back in February, I posted this to Facebook. I have a feeling I am going to Hell. I bet this will help get me into Heaven.

One of the suggestions was from Arlene who plugged Deb's Custom Cleans. You can find Deb Cleans on Facebook by clicking here.

The name cracked me up because if you listened to the show when Deb Hart was here, she was a clean freak. Always asking you to wash your hands.

If you are looking for someone to clean up your mess, Deb's Custom Cleans is your go to. Deb is actually Deborah Briles and you can find here on Facebook by clicking here. 

I know the only time I can REALLY clean up is when our kid goes to stay at the grandparents. We just had a 2 week run where we didn't get a break. A messy house can add to the stress. Call Deb to do her custom cleans and help you out!



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