It always cracks me up when a restaurant owner recommends a different place to eat. Great owners aren't afraid of quality competition because it ups the ante. Competition makes us all better.

Back in February, I asked on Facebook who needed some love:

One of the people who suggested someone was Gump from Gump's BBQ. He wasn't saying "hey, come do a story on us!"

He said this:

go check out Frank Tignanelli at Detroit Frankies wood fired pizzas out at Ellison brewery in east Lansing..great dude, good friend and some of the best pizza around! Do it JP!

I will be checking them out this week, but I thought then and I think now...Gump is an awesome dude. He has turned me on to more than one good place to eat in Lansing.

In person at 4903 Dawn Ave. (7.91 mi)
East Lansing, Michigan 48823

Or call em up at  (517) 449-2130

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