Welcome week for MSU starts next week but with no students to worry about, this couch is out mocking the students, daring them to get together just for one bash.


That would roast a marshmallow I bet... I HATE the couch burning reputation that MSU has but embracing it is more productive than resistance.

I saw this by the road close to where I live.

Last week, I put a chair I hate by the road and it's STILL there. Our road is closed and we aren't seeing the usual chair grabbing suspects travel by. A few days later, I went through my basement and grabbed a bunch of nasty smelling stuff. A tent, a screened in gazebo for camping, a camping couch and another chair I hate and threw that by the road too. It smelled BAD. Our basement flooded and it had that wet dog smell. I couldn't bring myself to let the trash man get it and took it to my parents. I threw it down there. Within minutes... It was gone. I thought for sure my mom grabbed it.


I think the lesson is, MSU students should stop burning couches and start burning moldy old camping equipment. Or if you are going to put crap by the road, make sure it's something someone can easily cram in their car... Then, it's their problem.

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