I have known Jake Haite since I used to announce his football games in Webberville. He was a tough, hard working running back and apparently has applied this trait to his new profession. I saw him last week and he was all fired up about it.

I went to his house to have his dad Eric look at my car. Eric is a GREAT person. His wife Tracy nominated him for some love on my post... My back window was stuck down and he helped fix that so my little Nugget didn't freeze.

Anyway , I told Eric do you want some love? Almost 10 thousand people see these stories and do you want your number and info out there?  He said "Hell no!"

Then he called his kid Jake, who wouldn't mind some publicity.  He helped my kid... I am helping his. Jake has a new directional drilling company and has been doing some subcontracting for Scotty's Underground. He showed off his sweatshirt... HWP 517-348-7610.

He said HARD WORK PAYS. I would like to encourage this youngster to keep up the hard work. So, keep it up Jake... It really does.

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