I do not have a home phone. I don't do online polls because Big Brother already has enough info on me, I don't need a record of it. I don't answer phone calls from numbers I don't have stored... (Really, you can text me.) I don't put signs of who I will vote for in my yard because of idiots. So, how would ANY polling experts know who I am voting for? Seriously, I have never liked taking anyone's poll! (play on words)

To me, politics is NOT worth dying over. I am not an expert on politics and don't make my money talking about them. I do think polls are complete bulls#*^ and the last 2 elections prove that. Hillary Clinton was going to win the last election. Biden was favored by as many as 10 points in the last poll I saw. Not all the votes are counted yet but it appears Biden will win the popular vote by around 4 points. If this were Vegas, and people bet on this, the oddsmaker might have lost his gig.

Of course it matters who wins but it's clear, the real loser of this election was the polls. Not everyone wants to share this info freely and they do their polling with their vote.

It's a sign that the majority in this country is silent. Not all the fans are loud and screaming. Some do it quietly and even lie to their family about who they vote for to keep peace. No poll takes these factors into account.

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