Are you looking to buy a bar? The Fool's Gold Saloon has been serving up stiff drinks in Webberville since 1987. Carol Stowe, the owner, is looking to sell. If owning a small bar in a mostly caucasian town is appealing to you. Click here for more sale information.

I gave up fast food for lent. This weekend I was starving and I thought... "PRIME RIB SAMMY FROM FOOL'S GOLD! I Called 517-521-3131 and got Freakin' Jay Piper. She took my order, "I think we have one left." OMG- Did they ever?

From the Pants Stash
From the Pants Stash

I got this, 2 orders of waffle fries and an order of delicious breadsticks. There were about 30 people in the place and Jay Piper was standing on her head, serving the entire place. She moves fast so you better be ready to order.

Not long ago on World Down Syndrome Day 3/21 Jay made a donation to my fundraiser for the Capital Area Down Syndrome Association. I can't remember if she has even met my daughter more than once. I know she sees her on Facebook a lot but it meant a lot to me.

I have known Jay since my party days back in the early 90's. She is as awesome now as she was then. Thanks Jay! I hope whoever buys the place is able to keep you.

(Writer's note: I tried to take her picture but she refused!)

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