I have driven by J & B Boots in Williamston since 1978. That is how long they have been there. I was grown in a lab and hatched at Lansing General Hospital a few years earlier in 1974. I have heard stories about the legendary service at J & B Boots. I have also heard stories about how generous the owner Steve is. I also HEARD on the RADIO, it was Veteran owned and operated... So, I went in yesterday to check it out. Um- The store is WAY bigger than it looks AND THEY HAVE A LOT MORE THAN BOOTS!

Click here to see an old Deb Hart story about just one of the stories about J & B Boots generosity. In short, he has put boots on a lot of people who really needed them.

These are some sweet boots. I used to be a lineman and I didn't even know you could buy lineman boots locally. They have boots that are electric shock resistant from Chinook. American Made boots by Thorogood, just like the commercial says.

Harley boots, cowboy boots, lineman boots. Shoes. Sweatshirts. Belts. And socks.. Oh man, the socks are awesome. I saw some Spock socks, cat socks and space socks.

The Pants selection was a bit disappointing. (That was a joke about my name)

I spoke with Sheri about the owner Steve who was in the Saginaw store. Sheri was on the phone trying to help a customer, while helping 3 others and me. I noticed a HELP WANTED sign. So, if you are looking for a cool gig... 1053 W Grand River Ave
Williamston, Michigan 48895 is where you will find J & B Boots of Williamston.

Steve is a former Marine and this store is decked out with RED, WHITE and BLUE.

Thanks to J & B Boots for not only supporting local radio but being a GREAT resource for our community. Thanks for being good people.

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