As many know, my daughter "Nugget" has Down Syndrome. Around last April, my wife got us in the Falconers program with the Potter Park Zoo. Every month, they offer special needs families opportunities to come see the Zoo, participate in activities and experience things in a safe environment. One time, our daughter won a sensory stimulation kit and we still use some of the items.

There are many volunteers who donate their time and talents to come work with these special kids, adults and their families. The Falconers coordinator is Mariah Martinez.

From the Pants Stash

Saturday, the Falconers held a dinner at the Potter Park Zoo and one of the many who donated food was the Outback Steakhouse in Okemos. I really loved that chicken. So did the boy across from me who ate 3 and half chicken breasts! It was beautiful to hear him say "mmm" every time he took a bite.

Then Derick Zanger, the Front of House Manager for Outback came over to tell us about their Sensory Dining. Plus, you can win a sensory toolbox!

Sensory Dining

Thanks Mariah, Derick and all the volunteers who make the Falconers so much fun and give families a much needed break.

From the Outback Crew
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