I honestly can't remember if it was 200 people or 200 families but a bunch of people with special needs ate great this weekend!

A huge thanks to the Mariah Martinez, the Potter Park Zoo, the Falconers program for people with Special Needs, the Outback Steakhouse, the Board of Water and Light and the countless volunteers who froze to make sure people got a nice meal this weekend.

Last year, we took our daughter and had a wonderful time. Click here to read the story from last year. It was our last dinner out as a family.

This year, the volunteers stood outside the Potter Park Zoo and handed cars the meals they ordered. We got some delicious chicken, pork, potatoes and drinks. I was going to take a picture of the food but we inhaled it so fast... I didn't have a chance. We were grateful not just for the food but for the opportunity to get out of the house.

At every station they recognized me, they asked: "Is she back there?" Referring to my daughter. She was as happy to see them as they were her.

My wife even wrote a thank you to them:

Like most people, we have had our own struggles throughout the pandemic. We were extremely touched that the Falconer’s and all the volunteers were still fighting to find a way to make the dinner event work.

 Despite their own challenges, they all rallied to make sure all the families received a nice meal and evening out. Thank you for the safe “break” from our new normal. We are grateful for all of your kindness.

The need was greater than the food supply but everyone involved dug deep and made sure all the orders were filled.


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