I first heard from Tim Godwin back in 2006. I was on WMMQ from 2-7pm back then. I begged the bosses to allow me a request show. I thought it would be a lot of fun and I was right. The only problem with request shows is you get a lot of the same people calling for the same song everyday.

Tim first started calling in and requesting Nazareth "Razamanaz."

If you have never heard it, it kicks ass.

Tim had a great selection of music but his credibility with me was solid after Nazareth. I never heard Razamanaz before I hit play on the radio. He and I have been friends since 2006. He has been to my house and even Nugget (my daughter) has been to his.

Tim has a day job now but at night is also a great bartender. I know he is great because he used to serve at Emil's. He used to take care of some of our staff and kept his mouth shut if you know what I mean. He has over 25 years experience serving up adult drinks.

Tim can do your private party, wedding, weekend get together. Anything you need a bartender for, he can do it... If he isn't booked already. You can contact Tim at tims.bartending2013@yahoo.com. You can get his number off of almost any bathroom wall.

From the Starr Godwin Stash
From the Starr Godwin Stash

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