You can tell things are returning to normal... People are posting pictures of their food and booze again.

The Bloody Mary is OUT OF BLOODY CONTROL! My friend Marisol shared this picture of her Bloody Mary she got at the Watershed in Haslett. 


Is that a side of Canadian bacon on the side? John Candy would have LOVED that! He was in that movie from 1995, it's not a fat joke.

I see a cheeseburger, a mozzarella stick, a tater tot, a pickle. It's like they said, "What loose food do we have laying around?" Is that a hunters sausage stick in there too?

We have had listeners share their Bloody Mary's before. Whenever I see one on Facebook, I know it will be great conversation. Who has the best Bloody Mary in our area? It's no longer a drink... It's a meal.

Bloody Mary

Fun fact about our Spartan Tailgate show: Every show, Mad Dog brings Tim Staudt a Bloody Mary. Staudt swears Dog makes one of the best ones in Lansing. He doesn't have all this crap floating in it though.

Big Thanks to Marisol for sharing her picture and being a friend. Every once in a while, I will see a gift wrapped in the studio. More times than not, it's a gift from Marisol to my daughter Nugget.

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