People always ask me, do you do weddings or private parties? The first thing out of my mouth is: "No. But Nick Chase does."

A few years ago, Deb Hart got married. She hired Nick Chase to do her wedding and that was the first time I saw him in action. He was great. Deb had selected these sleepy ass songs. It scared everyone off the dance floor. She walked up to Nick and said "do what you do." It wasn't long after and there were asses shaking on the dance floor. Nick warned her beforehand the songs wouldn't work. This wasn't his first rodeo.

He killed that wedding. Sometimes these fast talking DJ's make the wedding about them and talk way too much... That was not the case with Nick. Stuff happened when it was supposed to and things moved along nicely. No kidding, if I were having a wedding or private party... Nick would be my guy. He is really good and knows how to keep his mouth shut... If you know what I mean.

You can email Nick:

Now, I have to give him some gas. Ask him how the Rush show was...

Here is Nick passed out at the Rush show in 2011.

He wasn't hung over... He was just tired from being up all night drinking.

He acts like a rabid Wolverine but he is a big ol' puppy.

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