Like many, I love the thrift shops in the area. And yes, you may see me scouring the record section on occasion. Sifting through all of the Slim Whitman, Mitch Miller and Herb Alpert and the Tijuana Brass albums, looking for that one gem.

What amazes me the most during these trips, is not only what people donate, but what makes the shelves! During a recent stop in Jackson, an interesting portrait of what appeared to be a rabid dust mop with gnashing teeth was in full display and for sale.

As much as I am all for artistic license, this went a little beyond the thought of someone buying it as a serious gift. Then again, one never knows. It may be used to as a cover up to hide one of the few original copies of the Declaration of Independence! I know I wouldn't look behind it. You never know when something like that will just come to life from a voodoo curse!

So the next time you're out and see me thumbing through the records, just keep going. I get a little protective of my finds.


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