I LOVE St. Patrick's Day. When the bars are all open and society isn't crumbling, it's my FAVORITE time to be in a bar. Not just because of the amateur's puking all around the room. It's the Irish dancers, the bagpipes, as many people dressed up as Halloween! I love people throwing on the Irish brogue or accent.

Everyone knows 4 leaf clovers are an Irish sign of good luck. According to legend:

In the early days of Ireland, Celtic priests believed that four-leaf clovers were able to offer magical protection and ward off bad luck from evil spirits. Today, the Irish believed that whoever finds a clover with 4 leaves can be protected from witchcraft and additionally receive good luck in gambling and racing. Four-leaf clovers are extremely rare to find and the luck it offers may be limited– If the finder shows their four-leaf cover to anyone else, the luck vanishes!

That was a bit more detailed than I had imagined in my tiny husband brain.

Another Irish good luck charm or tradition answers so many questions for me, I KNEW I had to write this article. When you see a pair of shoes dangling from a telephone wire:

There’s an Irish tradition that states throwing your shoes out on the way home from a party might actually bring you good luck!

This is all according to a website, not my Irish grandma. Click here to see more True Stories behind St. Patrick's Day good luck charms. Others include horseshoes, black cats and haircuts.


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