I was never much of a builder. My dad never was very skilled and I never got a job in the field. A few weeks ago, my buddy Kevin Langham helped put in my kitchen sink. I watched and learned.

Then, I had to cut some countertops. I had never done that, so I called my brother in-law Darryl and he showed me how it was done. Watching him work, ignited something in me.

We have had pre hung doors in our walkway on the porch for about 2 months. Everyday, I walk by them. Monday, I decided it was enough. I didn't even watch a youtube. Just started measuring and cutting. Before you knew it, Tuesday night I had them both in with one happy wife. Menard's also had a sale on door handles so I bought them and installed them as well.

Before, my mom had that yellow foam shooting out of the wall. I still have to touch it up but what a great feeling to have them in... And have a happy, pregnant wife. Even the mother in-law called to say thanks.

From the Pants Stash