So, there I was this weekend, running late for my nieces pre-Regional game at Grand Ledge. I have never been to their softball field before. We plugged the address in the GPS and just listened to the computer order me around to the wrong street. I missed the sign.

I turned on a side street that lead me back to the street I should have turned on and there was a line of about 20 cars waiting to get in. I thought "great, no one will let me in." Well, the first car did. He waved me over and I waved back, saying to Mrs. Pants during the turn "Pay for that car to get in." She agreed and we paid 10 for us and 5 for him. I drove away and parked by the softball field.

As I was getting out of my car, he pulled up. "That was a nice thing you did." I was beaming and said "that was a nice thing you did." We both smiled, felt great and told each other to have a wonderful day and thanks for looking out for your fellow man.

Peeping Pants! Jimmy Pants attempts to see some of the action at the Grand Ledge softball field. Nice field! Too bad you can hardly see it through all the obstructions!

I never saw him again that day but these small gestures made both of our days. My nieces team won 14-1 against Holt. Then lost to a GREAT Mattawan team in the Regional. My niece had an amazing Sportscenter worthy diving catch in center and even though they lost, she had a great attitude. I was a very proud uncle and had a great day. It all started with paying it forward. My team may have lost but I won.

Mama, Jeni and Jimmy Pants watching softball. Jeni teaches at Howell.

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