Rush is like fine wine, they really get better with age. I thought they were still making some of their best music up until the time they "retired."

I really hoped they would return to the road but Neil Peart got sick, passed away and Rush will never be the same.

Geddy Lee is turning 67 years old today. Gene Simmons of Kiss once referred to them as "The Canadian Led Zeppelin." I don't go quoting Gene Simmons too much but I think he is right.

When I first got to the station, I was NOT a Rush fan. The more of their music we played, the more I fell in love with them. Like Led Zeppelin, it's the secondary songs that carried Rush to my favorite band we play.

Geddy's real name is Gary. His mom was Holocaust survivor and had a thick Polish accent sounding like Geddy. To think his mother survived that horror and people don't appreciate this mans voice is sin against mankind, if you asked me. We are playing extra cuts from Rush this morning in honor of Geddy's birthday!

Some of Geddy's favorite bassists are Flea, Les Claypool and Sir Paul McCartney. I noticed he didn't mention Gene Simmons :P He also said the only band he waited in line to see was "Yes." Those progressive rockers all stick together.

Rush is better live. Some of the best live Rush songs...

We will play "Finding my Way" this morning. Larry Allen once played this entire song for me.

Rush and Trailer Park Boys will forever be intertwined. Here is "Bubbles" rockin' with Rush.

One of my all-time favorites.

Rush played their first American gig at the North Side Drive in back in 1974. They played this gig a few years after they got Neil Peart, the greatest drummer in Classic Rock.

Alex Lifeson and Geddy NEVER get the credit they deserve as musicians.

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