I love Ana Gasteyer. Back to her days on Saturday Night Live as Martha Stewart...

She has a new Christmas album out this year called: Sugar & Booze. I actually really like the song.

Then, I was scrolling through some Classic Rock news and came across this.

Bryan Adams has a new Christmas EP out this year. I was not as impressed with its offerings. It has 3 previously released Christmas songs... Christmas Time, Reggae Christmas and Merry Christmas. Plus, one Bryan Adams original "Joe and Mary" that will get a video soon.

"Must Be Santa" is another new track on the album. Bob Dylan covered it back in 2009, but 10 years later...

This follows the old "Wonderful Christmas" lyric style where you just sing everything your eyes look at.

"Here we are. The world is bleak. These Bryan Adams songs really stink...Simply having a Wonderful Christmas time..."

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