Happy Halloween, Ghoulies!

FYI - official trick or treat hours in the City of Lansing are from 6 to 8:00 PM. Watch out for the kids while they're running about willy-nilly, just like we did when we were all sugared-up and on the quest for more.

In the spirit of the spooky season, my sister shared pics with her skeleton. My Honey points out that the skeleton, who could use a proper name, is very active. My sister can be a bit of a task-master.

Here is Skeleton on the ATV:

Skeleton Riding ATV 4 Wheeler

The Skeleton also likes to work on its core strength by holding 'plank' pushup. She says Skeleton likes Pilates:

Skeleton Holding Plank Pushup

The skeleton also enjoys ziplining:

Skeleton Ziplining

And after all that, Skeleton enjoys a refreshing adult beverage, to take its skull off of all the action adventure demands made by my sister.

Skeleton Drinking Wine


And to top off the Halloween vibe, here's a black cat in the pumpkin patch.

Black Cat Pumpkins Deb Hart Photo


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