Back in September, I was stopped by Security at the Ingham County Courthouse in downtown Lansing when I showed up for Jury Duty. You can get all those details here.

Then when we were coming back from New York a couple weeks ago, I got stopped again while going through security. This time, it was for a little can of stupid-expensive pasta cream sauce that I was bringing back for a friend. Duh. The TSA agent was really nice about. I told her she could have it, but she said they have to throw away everything that gets confiscated. Which seems stupid - why not auction the stuff off and put it towards charity or infrastructure or something?

There was a story in the Detroit Free Press yesterday about what we can and can't bring on board a plane. In case you're wondering as you pack for Thanksgiving air travel, you can't bring a spear gun on-board, but you can check it. Knitting needles in the cabin? Yes. No fake chains saws, though.