February is dubbed "National Heart Health" month, today is "National Wear Red Day" to bring awareness to women's heart health. The reason? Heart disease is the leading cause of deaths in American men and women. Yea, both.

Will wearing red fix that? No, but the experts say that with 80 percent of heart disease being preventable, we can start taking steps to keep our ticker in better shape.

Maybe take a ten minute walk.

Maybe eat some veggies that aren't battered and deep fried.

You might enjoy how much better you feel just by doing those things, that you start adding a little more each day of the practices that make you more energetic, more alive.

I lost my dad to heart attack in December of 1989 when he was only 55 years old. My own heart was broken for many, many years and has taken a long time to heal. My entire family still misses him deeply and wishes we'd had him longer in our lives, to know spouses and grandchildren he never met. To just be with him.


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