My friend Robin shared a 'Facebook memory' from six years ago of their discovery at their cabin up north.

"You never want to open the towel and baggie drawer to find this. Looks like someone was building quite the winter stockpile...Oy."

She says they didn't take a picture of the time they found a dead red squirrel in the drawer. Yikes.

Which prompted a comment from a friend about her daughter's car; the air filter cabin was filled up with nuts and pine cones, which was discovered when the fan stopped working.

And that reminded me of the WMMQ van serving as storage for some industrious squirrels living on the grounds.

Another friend just recently posted on Facebook about the family of mice that built a home in their gas grill. A furry family relocation program was implemented.

Have you found evidence of nature trying to reclaim your space?


WMMQ Van Squirrel Snacks
WMMQ Squirrel Snack Crumbs

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