That new and improved COVID variant that was first discovered in Britain is sweeping through the prison in Ionia. They tested 95 people and 90 tests came back positive. Click here for the full story.

I know the pandemic has been a bit frightening but those are some scary numbers.

Also, alarms are going off in California as a rare virus combination has developed in an American that spreads rapidly AND could evade immunity. They are calling it a super mutant strain. Click here to see this.

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Hopefully, the California thing is rare and some error was involved but it isn't likely. The "recombination" event usually occurs with coronaviruses.

Some scientists in the UK believe the mutations occurred in an immunocompromised patient and spread to others. Click here to see that. It is all the more reason we should still be wearing a mask and protecting the most at risk.

My daughter has Down Syndrome and people with Down Syndrome are 10 times more likely to die from COVID than typical folks. Click here to see that. I would gladly give my little girl my vaccines. She is why I stay as safe as possible and religiously wear a mask.

The CDC is recommending you wear 2 masks now. They say it creates an obstacle course for COVID to navigate. With new variants making the virus up to 70 percent more transmissible, I have been wearing 2 masks everywhere. It was already pretty contagious to begin with.

The attitude "we are all going to get it" needs to be adjusted. Not everyone has caught the flu yet.

If everyone gets it... A lot of people you love are going to die.

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