Have you taken a Michigan Left recently? It was created back in 1967 to alleviate some congestion on the major Detroit streets Telegraph...Woodward. They seem to be popping up everywhere now. Even in other states. Louisiana, Texas, Utah, North Carolina, and Arizona all feature the turn that originated in Michigan.

No doubt it has saved thousands of accidents and likely lives of someone we love. It was invented before road rage. The inventor says it reduced accidents by 30 to 60 percent.

Charlie LeDuff had a Classic bit on it a few years ago. It was when gas prices were like 4 bucks a gallon. He talks with Michigan State Professor Dr. Tom Malek, the guy who gets credit for inventing it.

Here is more info on the History of Michigan Left.

Dr. Tom Malek isn't actually the guy who invented them...Don Sankey is. But Malek says they are being overused in Michigan.

I was working on a song called Michigan Left when I discovered there already is one. NOT A CLASSIC.

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