Our buddy Leon sent us an email, I thought it was worth a share.

Hi Deb and Joey,
I thought you would be interested in this story:
A group of young kids from the Holt School district are aiming to send a semi-truck load of water to Flint. I have attached information on the project. Please let me know if you have any questions. The team is organizing and preparing all elements themselves!
Take care - Leon Toomey, Detroit Unleaded
He also attached a rundown of what they are trying to do:
A Destination Imagination team from the Holt school district is raising money to buy a semi-truck filled to the top with bottled water for Flint residents, 37,500 bottles to be exact. To reach this goal the team is working with UFCW 951/Meijer and ASAP Printing. The team consists of seven students in fourth and fifth grade from Dimondale Elementary and Washington Woods Middle School (Holt School District). The team is selling rubber ducks and have a GoFundMe account where they are collecting donations.
The original goal was to purchase 500 gallons of water. The initial fundraising response was strong and the team is now working with UFCW 951/Meijer to fill and deliver a semi-truck with 37,500 bottles. The team is currently selling rubber ducks in the community to reach their goal of $2,029. They are selling ducks and taking donations at the following locations:

Sunday, January 31, 11 am-2 pm, Troop 43 Boy Scout Pig Roast at the First Presbyterian Church in Dimondale (tentative)

Wednesday, February 3, 11:45 am-1pm, Dimondale Elementary School Lunch

Friday, February 5, 11:35 am-12:30 Washington Woods Middle School Lunch
24/7 Donations: GoFundMe Site: https://www.gofundme.com/2wjddh84
Link to original project video (we have changed our goal since then):
Destination Imagination: 

It melts my cold black heart to see children helping children. I will be making a 10 dollar donation and hope you consider helping as well.