I don't even know why the F I came in today... It's NO PANTS DAY! Click here to see it on the internet stupid holiday organizer.  

They say:

No Pants Day is an unofficial holiday that occurs on the first Friday of May. Celebrated mostly in the United States, it calls for participants to spend their day without wearing pants in public. Participants are encouraged to act as if not wearing pants is a normal thing to do.

So, it's simple. Don't wear Pants today. Shorts, a skirt, a dress, a kilt are some bitchin' options.

I just happened to wear shorts today, THANK GOD.

I do like to go outside in my boxer shorts. I always give cars a dirty look when they drive by and bust me.

Don't confuse today with "NO PANTS SUBWAY RIDE DAY."

I would hate the subway operators of Lansing to stop their nonexistent machines.




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